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VapeCalc is the ultimate mobile vape toolbox app. From building vape coils, mixing vape juice, and picking safe batteries for your vape mod and build, to researching and finding the best deals on your next vape gear purchase, VapeCalc has your back safely covered.
VapeCalc: The ultimate all-in-one vape app qr code
VapeCalc: The ultimate all-in-one vape app qr code


Expand your vape collection. Find, shop and compare vape gear items and accessories from the biggest and most reputable online vape gear shop vendors.



Build vape coils and mix vape juice safely with peace of mind knowing VapeCalc is providing very accurate build measurements.



Vape safe, knowing that the ultimate vape app has you covered.


The Best Deals. The Best Shops.

Vape Gear Shopping Assistant

VapeCalc will not only help you safely build vape coils and mix vape juice, but VapeCalc will also help you find the best deals on vape gear from the most trusted and reputable vape supply vendors.

We have partnered with VapeView to bring you an unparalleled online vape gear shopping and research experience. VapeCalc puts the power of a vast database of vape product listings offered by reputable, vetted vape vendors, at your fingertips.

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Prepare for Your Vape Build. Collect and Rate Your Gear.

Vape Gear Journal

VapeCalc allows you to keep a journal of all your favorite vape gear items.

You can save images and links for vape items, as well as create ratings and notes.

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Mix Your Juices Together. Create the Ultimate Flavor.

Vape Juice Mixture Calculator

VapeCalc has a tool that that allows you to accurately and safely mix multiple vape juices together.

Simply input the properties and volumes for the vape juices you would like to mix together, and VapeCalc will compute the resulting vape juice mixtures nicotine and VG/PG content. Using VapeCalc you can always know exactly what you're vaping and vape safe.

Vape juice mixture calculator screenshot
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Build Beastly Coils. No Homework Required.

Vape Coil Calculator

VapeCalc has all the vape tools you need to safely build your own custom vape coils.

VapeCalc accurately solves all the unknown vape parameters of your vape build so that you can build vape coils exactly how you like them. With many types of vape coil and wire materials to choose from, VapeCalc makes it easy to save and share your favorite vape coil.

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Experiments with Flavors. Blend the Perfect Vape Juice.

Vape Juice Calculator

VapeCalc has all the tools you need to safely mix your own diy vape e-juice.

With the ability save your favorite vape flavors, VapeCalc makes experimenting with new vape recipes fun and easy. VapeCalc offers the ability to save and share your favorite vape juice recipes. With vape juice ingredient amount results in volume, weight and drops, you can't go wrong mixing your favorite vape juice with VapeCalc.

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Balance Your Load. Pick the Perfect Vape Batteries.

Vape Power and Battery Calculators

VapeCalc has several vape calculators that allow you to vape safely and calculate the load your vape build will be drawing on your vape batteries, as well estimating the vape-time that a set of vape batteries will provide.

VapeCalc also accurately calculates the load a vape build will have on individual batteries in a regulated vape mod.

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All Things Vape. Know Your Vape.

Vape Glossary

VapeCalc has a large glossary of common vape terms and vape objects with detailed descriptions and examples.

The VapeCalc vape glossary helps any vaper get off to a great start with DiY vaping.

Vape glossary screenshot
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Show off your vape skills while helping others.

Save and share your favorite vape coil builds and vape juice recipes.

Offering a personal vape flavor database, VapeCalc makes saving(and sharing with your friends), your favorite vape juice recipes and vape coil builds easier than ever before.

Get the app and start building now!

Everything included for the ultimate vape experience — Vape Safe
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