VapeCalc Ultimate Vape App Release

A New VapeCalc Vape App Android Build is Working it's Way Down the Vape App Distribution Pipeline

ultimate vape app screenshot
ultimate vape app screenshot
ultimate vape app screenshot
VapeCalc v4.0.0 This is a big one, we redesigned many of the UI coponents to give you a cleaner and more welcoming look. We also fixed quite a few bugs, as well as optimized the app for older devices.


  • Redesign nav bar page headers

  • Redesign and replace all buttons in the app

  • Overhaul every page

  • Fix search button can be hidden on small screens

  • Glossary scrolling performance optimizations

  • Fix strange behavior around creating new shopping lists

  • Performance Optimizations

We work hard to continuously deliver updates to the ultimate all-in-one vape app. Please check back frequently for updates to the world's greatest vaping app.

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