VapeCalc Google Play Beta Channel Help shape the app. Try new features first

The users in the beta channel help shape the ultimate all-in-one mobile vape app.

Beta users get to see and try out new features before the general public. Users in the beta channel find software defects, and provide feedback on app components; helping to provide a smooth experience for other future users. We take feedback very seriously at VapeCalc. No software is truly ever completed, so we count on continued feedback from the community to determine future designs and work for the app.

Free Stuff for Beta Testers

We sure do appreciate our beta testers, we wouldn't be here without them. So to reward all loyal testers, beta users are upgraded to pro status after a month in the beta channel.

What's happening in the VapeCalc beta channel

Current Build

4.2.2 BETA

  • 'Reload' button improvements

  • Fixed bugs that could sometimes prevent user from adding items to an empty shopping list

How to Join the Beta Channel

  • 1. Go to the app's Google Play listing

  • 2. Scroll down to the beta program section

  • 3. Click the 'Join' button

  • 4. You're done! Be sure to check back at our Google Play listing and manually update the app in a day or two. Thank you for your support, and be sure to send us any feedback you have.

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